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14 December 2006 @ 10:05 pm
So, you've come to play the game of Endless June with us?

[1] The first thing you must do is fill out an ((LINK LATER)) application. See that page for details on applying as a player. Mostly the application is to prove that you're literate--we are not elitists.

[2] Once approved to be a player, you are welcome to join the arcs that are started. We will announce them on the community, at which time we will take requests for who wants to play which character. Leave a comment and a list of your preferred characters to join. There will be more instructions on the arc posts themselves.

If there is so much interest in an arc that there are far too many players, we will open up a second arc.

[3] You will receive an email with some information on what's going on with this plot arc. At this point, it's time to start roleplaying! Keep in touch with your fellow players to do scenes; post journal entries of your character's private thoughts, and more! Eventually, all arcs will come to a close. Perhaps everyone's dead, or perhaps you solved the mystery--at least this time.
24 August 2006 @ 10:17 pm
Like any game, we have rules. You'll need to follow them if you want to play. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave them in a comment.

[1] Civility
No matter how unpleasant your character is, be nice when you're out of character. Anyone being rude or intolerant towards other players will be investigated and possibly removed. Don't stir up negativity. If you have a real problem, please take it to a mod.

[2] Activity
When you're playing in an active story arc, you're expected to keep up with it. If something comes up, please notify your fellow players so they can either go on without you or assign a substitute player while you're gone. Try to check the game every day, if you can, unless you're not needed. (However, we do understand that situations arise, so just let us know.) Players are also encouraged to correspond over personal LJs or IM programs to coordinate plots. However, be careful not to leave anyone out.

[3] Content
Higurashi is obviously anything but G-rated. At the same time, we'd like to ask that you keep anything X-rated out of it. Also, while it's fine if you include graphic violence--after all, this is Higurashi--please put a warning on it.

[4] Characters
One person may play multiple characters, as long as they observe the following rules: Out of Keiichi, Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika, none may be played by the same person. Members of the same family may not be played by the same person.

[5] Canon
Canon does not necessarily count. This is a game for playing out alternate arcs of Higurashi; arcs in which perhaps Satoko is the mass-murderer, or Shion is a genuinely kind soul. Try to keep in mind the canon information, and try to stay in character, but don't be afraid to play with new options, either.

[6] Original characters
Original characters are not allowed in this RP.

[7] Rika
No abusing Rika's psychic powers. (If you're wondering what you're doing is "abuse," ask.)

[8] Oyashiro-sama
Oyashiro-sama is mod controlled. No exceptions. However, a player with a character who is cursed by Oyashiro-sama may feel free to request an appearance.